‘Wall Street Journal’ Vindicates My Bad Habit. Cool.

Today, I love the Wall Street Journal. Why? Because of this article: Good News in the Daily Grind. I may rarely agree with the venerable paper’s take on politics and other incendiary topics, but I sure have a fondness for its Life & Style section and bloggers.

coffee in cup
Source: Flickr -- Coffee is my sunshine

But back to coffee.

Coffee is good for many things, says the WSJ; some of them trump the bad things coffee does to me. Since coffee is my mistress, this is like getting a blessing from above to keep on seeing her and behaving exactly as I have. Kinda like Berlusconi without the astronomically high ick factor on every level.

Just wanted to spread the good news to all my overly caffienated friends in journalism and advertising (it being nectar of the gods in any decent agency or publishing house), and let my mother know she can quit scolding.

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