Alchemy’s Transformation of Luka Mineral Cosmetics is Complete!

Luka Mineral Cosmetics' new brand imprint
Luka Mineral Cosmetics’ new brand imprint

Once the team decided on a logo, it was time for Alchemy to photograph all these new packages and create an e-commerce website that clearly conveyed Luka’s brand identity, and offered Katherine’s  dozens of products for sale to her regular seasonal clients here in the Palm Beaches who want to stock up back at home, plus new customers who will be finding the site through targeting marketing and social media campaigns.

Another view of the Luka website and the Java ad campaign on the home page.
Another view of the Luka website and the Java ad campaign on the home page.

Reflecting Katherine’s playful personality and love of color, the line eschews the usual pro-line matte black packaging for brushed aluminum and a magenta logo. This logo will carry throughout all of Luka’s identity, from media kits, wholesale packages, business cards, stationary, collateral materials and, of course, the website. The website opens with a Java advertising campaign, optimized so it can be seen on PDAs and Smartphones, and not just the web.

Luka's new e-commerce website
Luka’s new e-commerce website

In the upcoming weeks, we will be coordinating a still photo and video shoot of Katherine, with how-to segments and other clips that will be added to the website, and be used as further social media campaigning.

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