Redfining Glamour: The LadyLash Studios Website Debuts

The home page, with slideshow of their work.
The homepage, with slideshow of their work.

Sometimes a project comes along and the client says, “I trust you; be creative as possible; capture our persona.”

These are the projects that allow us to expand the boundaries, show a client in the best light possible, capture the essence of who/what they are, and then take it to a whole new level.

Mikaela and Georgio Fernandez, of LadyLash Studios, are that client. They trusted us implicitly to interpret who and what they are.

They had no website, and were doing all their online promotion through Facebook and Twitter — in fact, they’re a fascinating case of how best to utilize the tools of social marketing.

"The Style" section of the website.
“The Style” section of the website.

But without a website, all those TV appearances, the marketing, the video shoots, and the PR left those interested in buying Georgio’s pro makeup line, Mikaela’s Luster Lash ™ eyelash growth product, hiring them for editorial makeup assignments, or making an appointment for lash extensions, brows, or makeup, looking up phone numbers, sending email, Tweeting, or posting to their Facebook wall.

"The Line" section of the LadyLash website.
“The Line” section of the LadyLash website.

Today, what they have is a fully functioning e-commerce website that contains all the biographical info, the locations and services offered at their two studios, a news feed comprised of Facebook and Twitter posts,  a video library that includes segments from The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, FOX-TV, local TV, and behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots with Marissa Hopson, Pantene’s first reality hair star; LadyLash’s first Super Woman, Elisabetta Fantone; their anniversary bash; a shoot for Luster Lash; fashion events at The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach; and many others.

The e-commerce aspect of the site was of the utmost importance — when you go on The Today Show and talk about your makeup or your lash-growth product, and then no one can find it online, instead having to call your local Delray Beach studio, you’re not maximizing all of your PR and Marketing efforts, and losing potential clients with every appearance and article.

Today, LadyLash Studios has a website that is so organically “THEM” that you’d think they designed it themselves, and for us, that is the highest compliment.

A product page from "The Line" section of the website.
A product page from “The Line” section of the website.

Steve created the overall design of the site and every page layout, fashioning high-style slide shows from their work and promoting the services of Mikaela and Georgio, the studio locations, and the professional-quality makeup products “LadyLash by Georgio Fernandez.”

Yes,  I did all the writing, and the site was programmed by Matt Kakuk and

This was a hugely collaborative effort, in that our number-one priority was to be sure that even if you haven’t been to LadyLash Studios, you feel like you’ve been there,  that you’ve met this magnetic husband-and-wife team, that their makeup line is going to be top-shelf, and that they are truly dedicated to changing the face of beauty, one woman at a time.

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