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Downtown Beauty Institution Debuts New Web Presence with Unique Video Productions

The Cosmo & Company Home Page
The Cosmo & Company Home Page

When you’ve been a mainstay in the area’s salon industry for almost four decades, surprising your clientele is going to take something really…different. One thing Cosmo DiSchino has never feared is taking a risk. Ever since opened his original downtown West Palm Beach location after arriving from Boston’s famed Newbury Street, Cosmo has been the man behind the chair. He is the mastermind, the owner, the motivator, and the mentor at Cosmo & Company.

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Honoring Traditions with Modern Style: Pawar Inc. uses Alchemy for Logo

The logo and tagline...
The logo and tagline…

Sometimes Steve has the opportunity to create something really beautiful, and after so many years creating logos for luxury real estate developments, I think it’s kind of a treat for him to do something so diametrically opposite.  In this case, he created a logo for someone we respect and admire, who started her own very niche business.

Amen Pawar-LaRosa is an extraordinary special event planner, and she is now on her own specializing in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies with a contemporary twist — the tagline we developed together is, “Honoring Traditions with Modern Style.”

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Turns Out Marketing is Really the Pits…

Actor Jessica Szohr, "Gossip Girl" and armpit model...
Actor Jessica Szohr, “Gossip Girl” and armpit model…

Here we go again — I caught a headline in the Wall Street Journal that practically gave me whiplash. If you read this blog with any regularity, you’ll know I LOVE to find articles in the WSJ that are waaaayyyy off-topic in relation to the reams of copy written about global stock markets and the paper’s conservative-leaning editorial.

The headline in question? I reproduce it here in the same point-size type as the online article…

Unilever Tackles the Ugly Underarm

Turns out that the market for antiperspirant and deodorant is, in essence, 100% saturated. Oh, these bon mots are just going to keep coming.

What’s a savvy marketer to do? Come up with a new reason for female consumers to switch brands: Re-mediating our unattractive underarms.

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Redfining Glamour: The LadyLash Studios Website Debuts

The home page, with slideshow of their work.
The homepage, with slideshow of their work.

Sometimes a project comes along and the client says, “I trust you; be creative as possible; capture our persona.”

These are the projects that allow us to expand the boundaries, show a client in the best light possible, capture the essence of who/what they are, and then take it to a whole new level.

Mikaela and Georgio Fernandez, of LadyLash Studios, are that client. They trusted us implicitly to interpret who and what they are.

They had no website, and were doing all their online promotion through Facebook and Twitter — in fact, they’re a fascinating case of how best to utilize the tools of social marketing.

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Capsule Collections: High Fashion and Low Prices. Hell, Yes.

All rights reserved by Daria Angeli
All rights reserved by Daria Angeli

According to today’s Women’s Wear Daily, the latest addition to the sublime Vera Wang’s portfolio of decidedly non-couture designer items is a cosmetics line featuring makeup and color, skin care, bath and body products, and beauty accessories Kohl’s plans to introduce by spring 2012. Her Simply Vera line debuted there in 2007, is a consistent performer, and a very important part of Kohl’s retail strategy.

As a female with an eye for Chanel and a bank account for discount, the proliferation of capsule collections by marquee couture designers and celebrity/designer-types makes me all warm and happy inside. Until I try to actually acquire these high-concept, low-cost gems and find that there are women who wait in line overnight to get their hands on these clothes the day they debut. My meandering path to the store means there’s exactly one item left, in XXL, and in a color that makes me look nauseated and/or consumptive.

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Alchemy’s Transformation of Luka Mineral Cosmetics is Complete!

Luka Mineral Cosmetics' new brand imprint
Luka Mineral Cosmetics’ new brand imprint

Once the team decided on a logo, it was time for Alchemy to photograph all these new packages and create an e-commerce website that clearly conveyed Luka’s brand identity, and offered Katherine’s  dozens of products for sale to her regular seasonal clients here in the Palm Beaches who want to stock up back at home, plus new customers who will be finding the site through targeting marketing and social media campaigns.

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Luka Mineral Cosmetics Ready for a Bit of Alchemy

Alchemy Communications Group is proud to announce our newest client: Luka Mineral Cosmetics, founded by Palm Beach makeup artist Katherine McDonald.

Luka Mineral Cosmetics by Katherine McDonald

ACG will be creating a new brand identity, packaging, website, marketing materials and a social media campaign through the rest of the year. We’re excited about her products because they are beautifully textured and in high-glamour colors, yet non-irritating, long-lasting and natural, containing anti-aging ingredients such as Calendula, Chamomile, Green Tea, Vitamin E, Cornflower, Linden,  Aloe, and St. Johns Wort , among others. In addition – or perhaps subtraction, if you’re reading the average ingredients in a cream-to-powder or loose mineral foundation – there is no bismuth oxychloride, no animal testing, no parabens, no talc and no artificial dyes or fragrance.

Katherine’s line is now sold in plastic surgeons and dermatologists offices becuase they are perfect for post-operative and post-procedure skin, as well as at Cosmo & Company, where she is the resident makeup artist. Alchemy will be taking Luka and Katherine to a much bigger stage in carefully planned steps.

First work has started and none of us could be more excited.

A Wink at blinc

You have to hand it to blinc inc. This maverick makeup and skincare company is dedicated to innovation, and continues to come out with really great products. It’s the 10th anniversary of their landmark product, blinc mascara — once know as Kiss Me — which was the first mascara to use the technology to create tubes around the eyelashes instead of brushing on traditional mascara. The tubes stay in place, no matter whether you rub your eyes, swim in it, sleep in it. It takes warm water and friction to slide the tubes off your eyelashes.

blinc inc mascara
No more racoon eyes with blinc mascara

Since then, blinc has introduced an eyeliner with the same qualities and technology, a conditioning lash primer, a heated eyelash curler, microdermabrasion sticks that are the best thing I’ve used since I heard the word “exfoliation”, and two new products: a 3-in-1 eyebrow product called “Fountain of Youthful Color Eyebrow Mousse” invented to give enhancing, water-resistant and moisturizing color to your brows with anti-aging benefits for the underlying skin, replacing the need to use powders, pencils and sealants. The other product is blinc fountain of youthful color™ eye shadow phase one, an eye shadow base invented to keep your shadow on as long as you want, while providing your skin with anti-aging benefits at the same time. Once applied, blinc eye shadow phase one conceals and fills existing fine lines, providing a smooth lid for ease of powder shadow application.

I love this company, I admire their credo, and I think that if you wear makeup, you ought to give the stuff a try. Great packaging (important to us creative types), delivers what it promises, and very , very cool website.

GNC Adds ‘Pretty Pills” to Attract Females

pastel pills, source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

Upfront confession: I come from a family of health nuts, way before it was cool, and my mother is a walking naturopathic encyclopedia of herbal, supplement and homeopathic remedies; five of us hold licenses as massage therapists, and we have a rather expansive exposure to the newest, latest and most interesting and/or repulsive developments in alternative health.

GNC, to the committed “crunchy granola type” as my friends have called me, is like Forever 21 to someone who regularly shops Saks. In yesterday’s New York Times ad column, titled “A Brand Favored by Muscle Men Wants to Appeal to More Women,” I commend GNC for recognizing it was missing a rather substantive audience, instead appealing mostly to those guys at the gym that have all their body hair shaved off and whose massively developed lats and quads wear their clothes out in funny places.

But does the market research really show that women are more apt to take a pretty,  delicately flavored pill than a supplement that might do some demonstrative good? Admittedly, I am not their target audience, but as a card-carrying woman, I somewhat resent that my ad brethren think it has to be pink or marketed as anti-aging to get my attention. We are all responsible for our own health, and if pastel vitamins induce an otherwise less-than-healthy woman to commit to better nutrition, we can all live with that outcome.

So, pop a lavender supplement, have an Activia, and be glad the guys on Mad Ave have started paying attention to you.

A Girdle by Any Other Name

The girdle
Source: Flickr

I cannot repress my smirk as I read in The Wall Street Journal that, “Shapewear has Women Bent Out of Shape.” First, that I’m actually reading about foundation garments in the WSJ, and second because it only recently came to my attention that Spanx, Yummie Tummie  and the like are being worn constantly by people I know. It never even crossed my 45-year-old mind that I could avoid a dreaded “muffin top” by investing in something that looks like my grandmother’s old girdle, albeit in a sleek, “sexy” black.

The darn things really work, and whilst I am basically telling the world that all my time in the gym and at fitness classes can’t seem to get rid of that lovely baby pooch I earned 15 years ago, the foundation garment biz is booming and no matter how uncomfortable or awkward — thank God I’m married and my husband finds my Spanx application and removal a source of extreme hysteria — there’s a simple bottom line (no pun intended). They work, and they’re likely to improve in comfort and ability to squoosh everything into the proper position, as we women keep snapping them up.