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Don’t Harsh My Thongs

What’s with all the thong hate? No, not THOSE thongs. “Thongs” are what we used to call flip-flops down here when I was a kid.

Not our feet, not our beach. Image courtesy of KSL Broadcasting, Salt Lake City UT (
Not our feet, not our beach. Image courtesy of KSL Broadcasting, Salt Lake City UT (

Whatever you call them, I read six articles published in the last week referencing the horror of people wearing flip-flops (Slate,  Huffington Post, MSN, CBS, Fox, and Jezebel), and saw on my way out the door this morning that the Today Show  was, as usual, coming late to the party. At least Jezebel took the contrarian (shocking, I know) position that there is no shame in sporting ugly, exposed feet.

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Downtown Beauty Institution Debuts New Web Presence with Unique Video Productions

The Cosmo & Company Home Page
The Cosmo & Company Home Page

When you’ve been a mainstay in the area’s salon industry for almost four decades, surprising your clientele is going to take something really…different. One thing Cosmo DiSchino has never feared is taking a risk. Ever since opened his original downtown West Palm Beach location after arriving from Boston’s famed Newbury Street, Cosmo has been the man behind the chair. He is the mastermind, the owner, the motivator, and the mentor at Cosmo & Company.

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Mom Jeans and Pie

Hot Mom Jeans -- not an oxymoron anymore.
Hot Mom Jeans — not an oxymoron anymore.
Nothing mom-like about these, either...
Nothing mom-like about these, either…

They’ve done it again; The Wall Street Journal has written about something seemingly so far afield from the Bernanke press conference and stock prices that I am grinning wickedly. Of course, it actually does have a monetary and advertising/marketing tie-in — women over the age of 35 spend a LOT of money on clothes, and can better afford to spend $200+ on a pair of jeans. But this headline was just too non-WSJ for me to pass up: “A Makeover for ‘Mom Jeans.’

Then there’s the pie. According to via Supermarket News, the pie is beating the cream filling out of cupcakes, and is the next big food crush. So, this is my “mom and apple pie” blog post, albeit turned on its head a bit.

First, an admission — I’m a mom, I’m smack in the target age range for mom jeans, and I love cupcakes. But I’m as likely to buy mom jeans or stop eating cupcakes as I am to start driving a minivan, i.e. never gonna happen. Truly. Never.

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Honoring Traditions with Modern Style: Pawar Inc. uses Alchemy for Logo

The logo and tagline...
The logo and tagline…

Sometimes Steve has the opportunity to create something really beautiful, and after so many years creating logos for luxury real estate developments, I think it’s kind of a treat for him to do something so diametrically opposite.  In this case, he created a logo for someone we respect and admire, who started her own very niche business.

Amen Pawar-LaRosa is an extraordinary special event planner, and she is now on her own specializing in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies with a contemporary twist — the tagline we developed together is, “Honoring Traditions with Modern Style.”

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Redfining Glamour: The LadyLash Studios Website Debuts

The home page, with slideshow of their work.
The homepage, with slideshow of their work.

Sometimes a project comes along and the client says, “I trust you; be creative as possible; capture our persona.”

These are the projects that allow us to expand the boundaries, show a client in the best light possible, capture the essence of who/what they are, and then take it to a whole new level.

Mikaela and Georgio Fernandez, of LadyLash Studios, are that client. They trusted us implicitly to interpret who and what they are.

They had no website, and were doing all their online promotion through Facebook and Twitter — in fact, they’re a fascinating case of how best to utilize the tools of social marketing.

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The ‘Wall Street Journal’ Tells Us What Next Year’s ‘HOT’ Color Will Be. Uh huh. I Said ‘The Wall Street Journal.’

A Jonathan Adler Design in...Honeysuckle
A Jonathan Adler Design in…Honeysuckle

<sarcasm>That bastion of all things fashionable, The Wall Street Journal, </sarcasm> reports that 2011 has a hot color all its own: Pantone 18-2120 TCX, or in non-artist-speak, “honeysuckle.” Yep. The Wall Street Journal. Honeysuckle. News.

I so love it when I get the basis of a post from the iconic newspaper read by dudes in suits on the train, and published by Dow Jones & Co. Earlier this year, the venerable business godhead presented me with another great story: how hard it is for bands to come up with great names. My first thought is inevitably, “Do hardcore Journal readers just skip over stuff like this?”

Courtesy of Pantone
The original Pantone Matching System fan guide. As reflected in the colors on cover, the 60s were all about bright, bold psychedelia, Peter Max and the Beatles.

But, back to pink. Yes, because  Pantone 18-2120 TCX is pink. Hot-house flower pink. Mad Men pink. This passage reads as if penned for one of the glossy fashion tomes, not the paper where people check the Forex and read about grain futures: “A sherbety shade of pink, with a hint of red and orange zest, honeysuckle is seen by designers as a pick-me-up at a time when many people have had their fill of misfortune.”

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Capsule Collections: High Fashion and Low Prices. Hell, Yes.

All rights reserved by Daria Angeli
All rights reserved by Daria Angeli

According to today’s Women’s Wear Daily, the latest addition to the sublime Vera Wang’s portfolio of decidedly non-couture designer items is a cosmetics line featuring makeup and color, skin care, bath and body products, and beauty accessories Kohl’s plans to introduce by spring 2012. Her Simply Vera line debuted there in 2007, is a consistent performer, and a very important part of Kohl’s retail strategy.

As a female with an eye for Chanel and a bank account for discount, the proliferation of capsule collections by marquee couture designers and celebrity/designer-types makes me all warm and happy inside. Until I try to actually acquire these high-concept, low-cost gems and find that there are women who wait in line overnight to get their hands on these clothes the day they debut. My meandering path to the store means there’s exactly one item left, in XXL, and in a color that makes me look nauseated and/or consumptive.

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Ten Tragic Moments in Pants

Bad, bad pants
Photo courtesy of via Flickr. Bad, bad pants.

Do I love the title of this article or what? So much that I appropriated it for my post about it. It is primarily a long pictoral cringe at pants styles, ones that seem, like zombies, to return periodically from the grave to attack the unsuspecting. You know it’s bad when  the Wall Street Journal (!?!) is reporting the latest in a series of pants-related indignities: The growing popularity of leather shorts or “the rise of modern lederhosen.” No. Lie. You simply must view the slideshow, and be prepared to sink a little lower in your chair when your own personal pants-related sign of the apocalypse pops up on your screen. Jolly good Friday fun.

Happy Bithday, Doc

Jef Aérosol 2008 - "Doc Martens & Bird"
Jef Aérosol 2008 - "Doc Martens & Bird"

Today the Doc Marten shoe turns 50 — thankfully there’s something out there that pre-dates me —  and I was taken down a stroll on memory lane by a pictorial on I wore Docs exclusively through most of the Eighties and pretty much all of the Nineties, and I still own two pairs. They’re not dusty or sitting in the back of my closet, either. I still like nothing better with a dress whenever I think I can get away with it, and they’re actually pretty fine hiking boots, which I found out in Aspen some years back when this Floridian packedwhat seemed like the closest thing to boots suitable for mountain climbing. 

So, if you’re old enough, remember the good old days. If you’ve just started wearing Docs, welcome to the world of the bouncing sole.

Luka Mineral Cosmetics Ready for a Bit of Alchemy

Alchemy Communications Group is proud to announce our newest client: Luka Mineral Cosmetics, founded by Palm Beach makeup artist Katherine McDonald.

Luka Mineral Cosmetics by Katherine McDonald

ACG will be creating a new brand identity, packaging, website, marketing materials and a social media campaign through the rest of the year. We’re excited about her products because they are beautifully textured and in high-glamour colors, yet non-irritating, long-lasting and natural, containing anti-aging ingredients such as Calendula, Chamomile, Green Tea, Vitamin E, Cornflower, Linden,  Aloe, and St. Johns Wort , among others. In addition – or perhaps subtraction, if you’re reading the average ingredients in a cream-to-powder or loose mineral foundation – there is no bismuth oxychloride, no animal testing, no parabens, no talc and no artificial dyes or fragrance.

Katherine’s line is now sold in plastic surgeons and dermatologists offices becuase they are perfect for post-operative and post-procedure skin, as well as at Cosmo & Company, where she is the resident makeup artist. Alchemy will be taking Luka and Katherine to a much bigger stage in carefully planned steps.

First work has started and none of us could be more excited.