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Yeah, So I Heard Blogging is Really Effective When You Post Regularly…

And from whose mouth dropped this pearly bit of wisdom? Mine own.

More than once, in fact —  in every meeting we’ve had recently with a new or potential client, since social media is a component of nearly every proposal we’ve written lately, and a part of every job we’ve landed unless it is 100% straight print.

Oh (I whine in a non-annoying way), I don’t have time to update our blog — I’m ghost-writing four other blogs every week, plus all the writing I have to do like website content, print ads, a ton of collateral, ghosting clients’ Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds, e-newsletters, blah blah blah socialmediacakes.


But I THINK about our blog constantly. Given the choice, I’d be blogging every day because I have an opinion on everything. In theory, this blog is supposed to have some parameters that keep me within the rather elastic bounds of advertising, marketing, and media; selling stuff; how badly brands/people are selling stuff; how cleverly stuff is sold with out anyone realizing they were, in fact, sold something, or they don’t care because it was so well done; egregious marketing ploys; any time the Wall Street Journal writes about something that I find amusingly outside its purview; I think you get the picture. And did you notice I dropped the “royal we” at some point? Because this is my responsibility, like the creative direction and graphic design are Steve’s. The blog just really ties the room together, man.

So, my random attached-to-no-holiday resolution (although I could pin this onto Labor Day…) is to get back to blogging monthly for Alchemy, and start posting our clients’ news as well when we had a hand in it. Because in addition to always having something to say about someone or something, we have a lot of new work and new clients to talk about, and they deserve the attention.

‘Wall Street Journal’ Vindicates My Bad Habit. Cool.

Today, I love the Wall Street Journal. Why? Because of this article: Good News in the Daily Grind. I may rarely agree with the venerable paper’s take on politics and other incendiary topics, but I sure have a fondness for its Life & Style section and bloggers.

coffee in cup
Source: Flickr -- Coffee is my sunshine

But back to coffee.

Coffee is good for many things, says the WSJ; some of them trump the bad things coffee does to me. Since coffee is my mistress, this is like getting a blessing from above to keep on seeing her and behaving exactly as I have. Kinda like Berlusconi without the astronomically high ick factor on every level.

Just wanted to spread the good news to all my overly caffienated friends in journalism and advertising (it being nectar of the gods in any decent agency or publishing house), and let my mother know she can quit scolding.

The Brain May Like E-Books, but my Heart is Still in Print

Books are good
Books are good

There was a great — and very lengthy — story in the “Room for Debate” commentary in the New York Times titled, “Does the Brain Like E-Books?”  . I have to admit that I am warily curious about the Kindle and all the other e-vehicles for the written word, and right now I can simply say that the price makes it out of my budget for the moment. But even if the Kindle dropped below $100, would I buy one? I don’t think so. I am attached to the page, the shape and feel of the books, the anticipation of turning the page, even the cover art (which can be seriously embarrassing when I’m on one of my “vamp, were, alternate universe” kicks).  I grew up with a book in my hand or tucked under my arm, and I have a book in my handbags every time I leave the house — there are drawbridges, long red lights, and diner meals that require I have reading material. My partner loves the idea of the Kindle — not because se he’d use it, but because I could potentially clear valuable bookshelf space for his stuff.

I’m hardly a Luddite — what blogger is? — but I am going to hang on to my books for the forseeable future. At least until someone else buys me a Kindle.