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Mom Jeans and Pie

Hot Mom Jeans -- not an oxymoron anymore.
Hot Mom Jeans — not an oxymoron anymore.
Nothing mom-like about these, either...
Nothing mom-like about these, either…

They’ve done it again; The Wall Street Journal has written about something seemingly so far afield from the Bernanke press conference and stock prices that I am grinning wickedly. Of course, it actually does have a monetary and advertising/marketing tie-in — women over the age of 35 spend a LOT of money on clothes, and can better afford to spend $200+ on a pair of jeans. But this headline was just too non-WSJ for me to pass up: “A Makeover for ‘Mom Jeans.’

Then there’s the pie. According to via Supermarket News, the pie is beating the cream filling out of cupcakes, and is the next big food crush. So, this is my “mom and apple pie” blog post, albeit turned on its head a bit.

First, an admission — I’m a mom, I’m smack in the target age range for mom jeans, and I love cupcakes. But I’m as likely to buy mom jeans or stop eating cupcakes as I am to start driving a minivan, i.e. never gonna happen. Truly. Never.

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GNC Adds ‘Pretty Pills” to Attract Females

pastel pills, source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

Upfront confession: I come from a family of health nuts, way before it was cool, and my mother is a walking naturopathic encyclopedia of herbal, supplement and homeopathic remedies; five of us hold licenses as massage therapists, and we have a rather expansive exposure to the newest, latest and most interesting and/or repulsive developments in alternative health.

GNC, to the committed “crunchy granola type” as my friends have called me, is like Forever 21 to someone who regularly shops Saks. In yesterday’s New York Times ad column, titled “A Brand Favored by Muscle Men Wants to Appeal to More Women,” I commend GNC for recognizing it was missing a rather substantive audience, instead appealing mostly to those guys at the gym that have all their body hair shaved off and whose massively developed lats and quads wear their clothes out in funny places.

But does the market research really show that women are more apt to take a pretty,  delicately flavored pill than a supplement that might do some demonstrative good? Admittedly, I am not their target audience, but as a card-carrying woman, I somewhat resent that my ad brethren think it has to be pink or marketed as anti-aging to get my attention. We are all responsible for our own health, and if pastel vitamins induce an otherwise less-than-healthy woman to commit to better nutrition, we can all live with that outcome.

So, pop a lavender supplement, have an Activia, and be glad the guys on Mad Ave have started paying attention to you.