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Alchemy Takes a Dare With Scholarship Foundation’s Website

The Dare 2 Be Great home page
The Dare2BeGreat.org homepage

How does a scholarship foundation in its very first full fiscal year, having just sent its inaugural group of nine graduating seniors to university to the tune of $75,000 in freshman-year tuition, maximize a web presence so that it serves two audiences and two purposes? When it’s the Dare 2 Be Great Foundation, it reaches out to Alchemy Communications.

Those two purposes: To get students to apply for the scholarships, and to attract the support of members of the Delray Beach community who have the resources to help finance the scholarship program.

The site therefore had to have a “curb appeal” that would appeal to these visually oriented, highly intelligent, media-savvy high school seniors, yet have the necessary polish and language donors look for to convey the long-term goals and commitment of the Dare 2 Be Great founders and principals, a fantastically committed yet diverse group of individuals with one thing in common: a passion for nurturing excellence in students who might otherwise never have the chance to experience the higher education they deserve.

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